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  • For aspiring or practicing investigators, investigation managers, anyone being investigated, investigation program designers and auditors, technical writers.
  • To download a description of the MES technology and new paradigm on which the Guides are based, click here.

Detailed Investigation Task Guidance

G061 -10 MES Investigation Guides

  • Designed to guide investigators through an investigation project using Multilinear Events Sequencing technology. Package of 10 guides helps lead investigator from initial investigation steps through preparation of report with recommendations. (2003). The package of Guides is included with the Investigation Catalyst software.

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Investigation Quality Assurance

G060 -MES EventAnalyzer

This product has been superseded by INVESTIGATION CATALYST software, and is not longer offered.


G064 HazMat Emergency Investigation Guides:
  • Designed to support fire investigator training and self study. Provides guidance for conducting hazmat investigations, including data gathering strategies, sample investigation policy, checklists, and quality assurance procedures. This guide is compatible with the Investigation Catalyst software, requiring more rigorous logic than NFPA 921. 1998

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