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Updated Jan 1 2012



For aspiring or practicing investigators, educators, teachers, instructors, managers, program designers, researchers, auditors, technical writers.

Presentations to introduce viewers to basic challenges posed by mishap investigation processes. Compliments Investigation Catalyst software use during investigations
  • Designed to stimulate interest of researchers, teachers, instructors and students in investigation issues by providing overviews of long-term investigation process research project and findings, research-based investigation technology, changing demands facing investigators, and management expectations of investigation programs and investigations.

Of value to researchers, college instructors or students, advanced investigation studies.

C011 CD: Safety’s Hidden Defect: Accident Investigation Preview

C012 CD: MES Investigation System View brochure (pdf)

C013 CD: Accidents Happen: Exploring investigations -Overview View outline

C015 All 3 CD presentations in one package

Each see sidebar

CD015 set see sidebar

CD Study package containing HTML presentations for self-study with Internet browser or computer projection for classroom presentation.

C021 Accidents Happen: Exploring the State of the Art of Investigations

Three parts consisting of 44, 48 and 112 HTML slide sets, with handouts. Set explores in depth the challenges facing investigators of accidental phenomena, the reasons those challenges exist and how those challenges can be met successfully, including several new paradigms for investigation programs. Files with handouts included.

  • Designed for viewing or use by anyone managing or engaged in investigations of accidental or undesired phenomena, safety analysts and accident researchers, investigation program planners, serious students of investigation, and university-level instructors.

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CD Instructional package containing HTML presentations ready for self-study with browser or computer projection for classroom presentation

C031 Slide sets with audio file, images, references

  • Designed to provide visual aids to support instructor-led undergraduate course blocks for safety, fire science, environmental science, engineering or management. Presents investigation concepts, principles and practices for self-study or classroom situation. Includes outlines, notes and current html version of:

a) Safety's Hidden Defect: Accident Investigation and all three parts of current

b) Accidents Happen: Exploring the State of the Art of Investigations.

Of value to serious students engaged in study of investigation processes and their instructors

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CD Package for investigation instructors , with editable investigation source files

C032 CD: 5 Slide sets +Guides (Source code)

  • Designed for teachers who want to tailor fundamentals to localize their presentations for classroom or self study, to satisfy special needs or environments or student groups, or to introduce their own contributions into the new paradigms. Slide presentations prepared with MS PowerPoint. Includes five .ppt presentation sets, tutorial, data templates, handout materials, audio file, 10 MES guides, and one-time royalty free license for reproducing contents of these source files. Site license available for reproducing additional copies of Guides and slides. Included are:

a) Safety's Hidden Defect: Accident Investigation

Editable PowerPoint 98 slide set, which can be modified or expanded to meet needs of viewers or trainees, including license for reproduction of edited versions.

b) MES Investigation System

Editable PowerPoint 98 slide set describing the Multilinear Events Sequencing technology concepts and their implementation in investigations, with illustrations

c) Accidents Happen: Exploring the State of the Art of Investigations.

Editable PowerPoint 98 slide set describing the investigation challenges, the reasons they exist, and opportunities for meeting the challenges, with illustrations

d) 10 MES Investigation Guides (Preview)

Of value to instructors faced with need to present substantive investigation courses.

Supplied free with Investigation Catalyst software package

Includes automatic updates for 1 year after purchase, upopn request.

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