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R 072 - Investigation Programs, Reprint

from Handbook for Industrial Automation
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Chapter 8.1
Investigation Programs

Ludwig Benner Jr.
Events Analysis Inc. Alexandria, Virginia

This chapter answers important questions like what is an investigation program, how it should be created, and what investigators should do within this framework. In presents investigation fundamentals, models to help investigators during investigations, and references providing additional guidance for program managers, designers and investigators.It describes overlooked opportunities and how to establish a program to take advantage of them.


1.1 Introduction

1.2 What Is An Investigation Program
1.2.1. Investigation Program Context
1.2.2. Investigation Roles
1.2.3. Natureof the Investigation Processes
1.2.4. Iinvestigation Knowledge Needs
1.2.5. Investigation Task Knowledge
1.3. Investigation Program Planning
1.3.1. Executive Preparations
1.3.2. Investigation Process Plan
1.3.3. Investigator Preparation
1.3.4. Investigation Support Preparations
1.4. Conducting Investigations
1.4.1. Initial response to Notification
1.4.2. On-site tasks
1.4.3. Data Handling Tasks
1.4.4. Work Product Development Tasks
1.4.5. Quality Assurance Tasks
1.4.6. Deliverables
1.4.7. Postinvestigation Tasks 1.5. Summary
1.6. Appendices: Investigation Tools
A. General HumanDecision Model for Investigators
B. Energy Trace and Barrier Analysis
C. Investigator Checklists References