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MES Guide for


For Improving Investigation Performance

Prepared Ludwig Benner, Jr.

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This document contains numerous self-help references to varoius resources to give investigators opportunities to improve their understanding of investigation concepts and practices, and build their investigative and analytical skills. Live links are to accessible materials on the Internet.


NOTE: This list does not include any resources which conflict with the the non-causal approach of the MES investigation system because they impede needed progress.


  • The book INVESTIGATING ACCIDENTS WITH STEP, by Hendrick and Benner, published by Marcel Dekker, 1986 New York, NY (490 p) is a comprehensive reference source for studying the MES investigation process. Serious learners will benefit from its study.

  • Additional guidance is provided in four Investigation Guides accompanying four video training films with same names:


    These Guides, designed primarily for the fire fighting community, include several models to help investigations. They are available from the Emergency Film Group, 140 Cooke St. Edgartown MA 02539 (508 627 8844) or Starline Software.

  • Hayakawa, S.I., LANGUAGE IN THOUGHT AND ACTION, (4th Edition), Harcourt Brace Janovich, Inc. New York NY 1972. Must reading to understand the abstraction issues faced by investigators, and how his ladder of abstraction helps investigators address them when using MES process.

Internet resources

The Internet contains many self-help resources for investigators. The following is a list of resources that pertain to the MES investigation system or compatible practices of value.

  • Process Research Roundtable and Library. This pro bono site offers access to noteworthy research activities involving investigation processes. Updated monthly, numerous links to related sites; site search engine available.
  • Starline Software's web site offers training and support resources for investigators, ranging from slide sets, CDs, handouts, Tutorials and Investigation Guides. Site search engine available. (Commercial site.)
  • Personal Archives of Ludwig Benner. This pro bono site provides acces to papers that report the evolution of the MES system over time for those interested in its history. Site search engine available.

Software support

Starline Software offers the Investigatioin Catalyst software to support the MES investigation process. This software supports the preparation of MES Matrixes and their analysis for incident investigation, hazard analysis, evidence organization, investigation quality assurance, among others.

Instruction Materials

These Guides provide a convenient way to get acquainted with the e MES investigation tasks and practices. Reading through the entire set provides a thorough grounding in the MES process. Contact Starline Software for information about additional MES training aids such as course course outlines, tailored school solutions, etc.

The Investigation Catalyst software also includes 5 tutorials.


The following list of papers a suggested readings for students of improved investigaiton methods.

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